Our Team

Lloyd Gottman, CEO and Synergist

Lloyd Gottman is the president of Synergetic Systems, LLC. He has spent a portion of his career teaching executives how to consistently make the right people decisions at every organizational level, triple profitability, and outperform their competitors.

Lloyd’s expertise combines years of education at Georgia Tech and a Wharton MBA; operating executive experience at a Fortune 500 Subsidiary; a highly successful start-up; and business ownership with scientifically designed assessment tools to show leaders how to align people and drive performance. He has been asked to speak for large management groups to share the concepts that people produce results. Aligned people, using their strengths, produce enormous results.

Lloyd is an active Rotarian working to improve worldwide health (eradicating polio and water borne diseases), education (focus on literacy programs) and poverty reduction (skills training for impoverished people).

Kevin Stoffel, Strategic Partner and Business Advisor

Since discovering his own natural strengths, Kevin has embarked on a journey to leverage those strengths by joining Synergetic Systems.   He now combines his natural strengths and degrees in Business Administration and Computer Information Systems from the University of Northern Iowa to help businesses align people with jobs according to their natural strengths.   Kevin has 20 plus years of business development experience ranging from high tech start-ups to a Fortune 500 distribution company.  Having seen many company’s success or failure depend on having the right people in the right jobs, he has now dedicated his career to helping align people with jobs to drive greater performance.

In addition to helping get the right people in the right jobs, Kevin also gives back to the community by serving on various boards, including the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce, the Boulder Emergency Squad and Cool River Church.

Not Pictured: Heidrun Gottman, Partner/Internal Operations


On several occasions I would probably have moved forward with a new hire however your tools had me pause to ask more questions which revealed clear reasons to both the prospect and me that this was not the best fit.

– Clare, Sales company business owner

Strategic Partner