Our Approach

What we do:

Research shows that when people use their natural strengths on the job, they produce up to 200% greater results.  Great performances are created by focusing on development and utilization of intrinsic strengths, moving from competency to excellence.

Synergetic Systems is a talent measurement firm providing the tools and expertise to hire, develop, align and manage executives and employees using their fundamental strengths to produce Exceptional Results, while increasing revenues, driving down costs and increasing success.

When we do it:

Our people alignment solutions can be applied across the complete employee lifecycle:

When we should talk:

Success is always created by people.  We should talk if you are a business owner or executive engaged in improving performance and business continuity with initiatives such as:

Client Results Include:

Bottom line:

Aligned employees stay longer, produce more, drive greater success and consume less management time, attention and resources.

On several occasions I would probably have moved forward with a new hire however your tools had me pause to ask more questions which revealed clear reasons to both the prospect and me that this was not the best fit.

– Clare, Sales company business owner

Strategic Partner